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Fundraising Guidelines:

  1. You must bring a sign in sheet before the time of your fundraiser and hand it to the Cashier. The sign in sheet should have two columns, one for the individual’s name and the second for the total of their purchase. Make sure to put your organization’s name at the top of every page. (Optional: A brief summary of what/who you are raising money for)
  2. You will earn 10% of the profits if you bring in $1-999 and 15% if you bring in $1000+
  3. There is a minimum of $200 that you must fundraise in order to be eligible to receive a check from PokeCeviche
  4. Passing out flyers, creating FB events and posting on social media to publicize your fundraiser with us is encouraged. You may hand out flyers outside the perimeter of PokeCeviche, but not directly in front. Customers must sign the sign-in sheet in order for the organization to receive a percentage of the amount that was spent.
  5. A check will be sent to the address listed above.